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Sophie and Elle’s Mission!

I don’t know what is wrong with people…

But this is the 2nd house I’ve sold in my life and some of the behavior of the buyers this time is just astounding:

1. One buyer laid on all of my beds. Pulled down the comforters and laid on the beds like Goldilocks! Are you serious? You’re not buying the beds!

2. Lowballer “looking for a deal” on a house that had been on the market less than 2 weeks. Are you high? And when we went under contract with someone else she flipped her shit and called our agent and cussed her out because it was “her” house. Huh?

3. One woman knocked on the door, and wanted to see the house at 9PM. I did not let her in. I told her to call an agent since the house is shown by appointment only and only to buyers with agents. She was really suspicious anyway…probably setting up for a robbery or something. Very, very strange. I made sure to set the alarm every night for that week.

I need a couple of 40 hour days.


She’s killing me.

Wrapped up in annoying real estate games…

first world problems…but I will be so glad when we get this contract wrapped up….jfc.


Balan collected Sunscreen Rangers. Yup.

Thank you canon facts for giving me an excuse to make comics involving the two best Tales characters interacting.

"Hey, why haven’t you written anything lately?"

Select an answer below:

A. Work is kicking my ass

B. I’m playing real estate games

C. Xillia 2

D. Inspiration is pathetic right now

E. All of the Above

If you answered E you are correct.




pixiv: ややた

Ah, they&#8217;re so cute :D


pixiv: ややた

Ah, they’re so cute :D

Tales of Xillia 2 CE

I unboxed it and damn, that figurine is awesome.

I started playing and I’m on the train. I’m gonna have a hard time deciding if I like playing Ludger better than Jude.

Oh, and Caitlyn remembered Jude from the first game and called him by name before he was introduced. Can’t get anything past Gamer Baby.